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Post-canon upgrade request

Robot Name
: Lily Rain EVE Theta
Robot Description: Lily's final upgrade comes with new armor. In this form, she combines the best part of EVE's ancient weaponry and latest Cosmic Ark technology. In comparison to Lily Rain EVE, she's tougher and the power of her weapons is higher. The most notable new element is the Trance Bit, which, when activated, summons four additional Psiguns and lets Lily use them as powerful spinning melee weapons in addition to shooting with them. This replaces her old default Wonder Bit.

Terrain Stats:
Land: A
Air: S
Sea: B
Space: S
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Player Name: Tengu
Personal LJ: http://saikyocivrobo.livejournal.com/
AIM Contact: Tengusaur
Character Name: Lily Rain
Source Canon: Cosmic Break
Community Tag: lily rain

Notes: Cosmic Break is an MMO without much in terms of plot. For this canon, I'm combining the mission Operation Starcluster with the promotional manga + video + mission Eihwaz, and adding some headcanon.
Links for Eihwaz:

Background: Far away from Earth, there is a large space station/planet known as Cosmic Ark. What is most peculiar about it is that its inhabitants, and those of the nearby inhabited planets, are all mechanical - the only organic lifeforms are rare guests from other systems. The Cosmic Ark is also a resting place of three ancient, powerful robots known as Arks, and a staging arena for three unions that have formed around those Arks and fight in a friendly rivalry to see who will be able to awaken their Ark first, by gathering energy generated in those battles. Those unions are Bladine, supporting the Ark of Courage and led by Guardian Lios, Dostrex, supporting the Ark of Strength and led by Guardian Dracken, and Wizdom, supporting the Arc of Wisdom and led by Guardian Icy. Casualties pretty much never happen in those battles (it helps that all the participants can be easily fixed) and the Guardians know each other well and are friends as much as they're rivals. This story is also not about them.
The biggest danger to the Cosmic Ark is a malicious force known as Chaos. It is not known exactly is it a single entity or an ideal of some kind, but the truth remains that many evil robots serve under it, destroying and plundering everything in their path. To battle the forces of Chaos wherever they appear, an organization known as Angel Force was formed - it's half police, half military, and completely dedicated to keeping Cosmic Ark and the surrounding planets safe from Chaos.
Lily Rain is one of the many Angel Force operatives. She is young and inexperienced, with an unremarkable background - but she plans to change it soon. For a longer while, she's been tracking down an infamous Chaos pirate captain, the One-Eyed Don Jack Barlock, and recently she found out what he's up to. Jack Barlock wants to get his hands on two powerful, ancient weapons, abandoned long ago on a distant planet called Earth. He and his crew already arrived there some time ago and are starting their search. Lily Rain gives chase...

Personality: Despite her job of blowing up bad guys, Lily Rain is gentle, soft-spoken and compassionate. She has a bit of a confidence issue and can be flustered or startled easily, but at the same time can be surprisingly determined when pushed too far - the common (and somewhat cliche) trigger for it is her friends being in danger, but any bigger injustice will do.
Common sense is not Lily Rain's strongest suit, and despite not being stupid she can be quite a ditz at times, talking about strange things or missing the point comically. Combine this with the fact that Earth can be as different from Cosmic Ark in some aspects as they are similar in others (due to such details as one having organic and the other robotic life), and as a result Lily Rain can often find herself confused by her new circumstances, though this confusion doesn't stop her from trying to do her best (and sometimes failing spectacularily).
Lily Rain shows a lot of interest in technological devices and gadgets, and enjoys fiddling with them and discovering new ones. She also likes cute things, and something that combines those two qualities together is bound to grab her attention.
How does someone like that manage to walk into battle? The answer is: one of the elements of Lily Rain's armor is the Trance Skirt, which influences her personality when activated, causing her to become colder, more focused and ruthless. It doesn't make her disregard her friends and allies or stop caring about civilians, though - it's just there to help out fighting enemies more efficiently.

Capabilities and Resources: Lily Rain is a robot, with all that comes with the package. She doesn't need to eat or breathe, though she still has to rest and possesses an internal battery that needs recharching. Instead of healing naturally she has to be repaired. She is immune to many things that are lethal to humans such as poison or radiation, but at the same time vulnerable to EMP and other weapons that affect machines. Even without her armor, she is very strong (necessary to carry guns of the size she uses) and tough, though due to having crap melee skills that strength has little use in actual combat.
Due to her interests, she is pretty good with electronic devices and computers.
Lily Rain has the support of Angel Force, but since they're too far away to even contact by radio, this allegiance has very limited use on Earth.

Robot Name: Lily Rain
Robot Description: This is Lily Rain in her combat armor. She is an artillery unit, specializing in firepower, especially against airborne targets. Her usual weapons are huge bazookas, beam cannons and machine guns - each of those is at least as big as she is, and she tends to dual-wield them. She also has smaller, human-sized guns and a large knife, but those are backup weapons which rarely see use in real combat. Lily Rain also possesses several extra weapons built into her armor - four Psiguns are built into the "plates" of her Trance Skirt, which can rotate and fire weak, semi-homing beam blast while Lily Rain is busy shooting her ordinary guns, and Psyslicer, which creates two energy disks rolling on the ground towards enemies - it's a strong weapon but requires the user to stand still. Lily Rain can also deploy a Wonder Bit, a small, floating weapon platform that can operate independently and fire at the enemies at the same time as she - though its default armanent is just a weak automatic gun.
Lily Rain deals respectable damage for a human-sized unit, but she pays the price by being a huge glass cannon. Her armor is nothing to write home about and she can't jump around as nimbly or fly as fast like most SS-sized combatants can. She has a jetpack, but its main use are short burst jumps rather than long-term flight or aerial dodging.

Terrain Stats:
Land: A
Air: B
Sea: C
Space: A

Upgrades: Lily Rain can receive many non-plot upgrades to her weapons, especially the Wonder Bit. Her biggest upgrade, however, is her permanent plot one.

Robot Name: Lily Rain EVE
Robot Description: After her upgrade Lily Rain looks different. She no longer can use her old armor, and doesn't need to use her old weapons since her new ones are superior. Lily Rain EVE possesses six Psiguns floating around her like wings, which fulfill several functions - they allow her to fly with much greater speed and agility than before (which makes her a a flight-focused unit now), they can beamspam with much higher damage and rate of fire than before (like before, those beams possess limited homing properties), and they can move forward and create a defensive round energy shield betweem themselves - good for defending against ranged attacks, not so much against melee. Lily Rain EVE can also create/summon a wave motion gun on her right hand, which deals the more damage the longer it's charged. Her default Wonder Bit now comes equipped with a strong beam gun. Last but not least, when she enters a special state of mind (real: Will requirements), Lily Rain can activate Charge Mode, which causes her eyes to glow blue and greatly increases the strength of her weapons. In some special circumstances this ability can even affect her allies.
Overall, EVE gives Lily Rain a small toughness boost, a big firepower boost, and an even bigger mobility boost. You could say she's a bit like a SS-sized Strike Freedom (complete with SEED mode).

Terrain Stats:
Land: A
Air: S
Sea: B
Space: S

Job: Angel Force operative.

Suggested Event List: Sending it to the mods.

Sample Post: http://testrun-box.livejournal.com/258258.html


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